"How To Hypnotize People Just By Talking To Them"

  By: Ewen Chia

Hi, my name is Ewen. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article, I appreciate it and hope you'll be able to get some good information about hypnotism from my article.

We all know that hypnosis is a powerful tool that is now widely used even by ordinary people...

This may seem like a wild generalization. You will however, realize the truth behind this statement once you realize how much the definition of hypnosis has changed through time.

You will also realize that it is possible to learn how to hypnotize people.

When people talk of hypnosis, one typically imagines a stereotypical set up. You might think of a subject sitting on a chair and a hypnotist swinging a pendulum.

It is expected that the subject will enter into an unconscious state of mind in which his critical mind blocks are disabled, making him susceptible to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

In essence, this is still the formal method of hypnosis. It is very dangerous in the hands of amateurs and it is also illegal outside a clinical set up. 

People however do not need to know how to hypnotize people in a formal manner.

A revised modern definition of hypnosis allows subjects to retain their conscious and critical faculties while swaying them to a particular opinion or viewpoint.

Advertisers have been doing this for decades and so have marketing personnel and suave young individuals looking for dates.

If you want to learn how to hypnotize people too, you can follow these basic hypnotism tips...

Tip #1: Build Trust 

A person’s tendency to be defensive is a remnant of human primitive instincts. This was necessary to protect oneself against predators and enemies.

Today, this defensive function is increasingly used by individuals on a mental or emotional level. Whenever someone approaches we think, “he just wants to pick me up,” “she’s going to sell me something,” or “he’s going to rip me off.”  

When defensive thoughts kick in, mental barriers come in.

The whole point of hypnotizing people is to get behind these barriers and lead the person to your point of view. The first lesson to how to hypnotize people is getting people to lower their barriers.

In other words, you have to get their trust. 

You can begin gaining trust in a variety of ways such as by talking about the person instead of yourself and stroking the person’s ego through well placed compliments. You can also turn the conversation to yourself.

By carefully muting your achievements, expounding on your values and giving examples of struggles you’ve overcome, you can quickly make an admirer out of a distrustful stranger. 

Tip #2: Polish Conversation Accessories 

You can’t know how to hypnotize people in the wrong environment. People in stressful situations are less susceptible to hypnosis.

If you wish to turn someone to your side, make sure you have the appropriate, relaxed environment.

If you wish to get an attractive girl’s attention for example, you would fare better in a bar where the atmosphere is casual than on a train during rush hour where everyone just want to get to work on time. 

Body language is also very crucial. You will cut your success rate if you adopt postures that suggest being on the defense such as crossed arms or being on the offense such as leaning too far towards the person.

These postures suggest that you are trying to either repel or push the person. 

Tip #3: Use Language Techniques 

The cream of all hypnosis tips is the right words. You’ll never know how to hypnotize people if you do not know the right language structure.

Given below are the top language structures and words used by oral hypnotists: 

  • Visual Patterns - Some words lead people to imagine results if they were to see things your way. You can use such subtle words and phrases such as “what if,” “imagine if,” “how would you feel if,” “do you ever wonder how” and the like.


  • Repeated Suggestions - It would be irritating to hear someone say “try this” in an infinite number of times. You may however say instead, “I used this product because I wondered if it works. I got this from a friend. Surprisingly, it changed my life for good.” This is simply another way of telling the other person to try it your way, repeatedly but not obviously.


  • Build Curiosity - Even if people aren’t cats, they still can’t stand a good mystery. Draw a person in by baiting him with statements like, “I’ll tell you a little secret,” “do you know that...” and “can I ask your opinion on something that’s been bothering me”.

These are the most crucial steps to learning how to hypnotize people. With the right timing and situation, you’ll have people nodding in agreement in no time...

Hope you enjoyed this article!

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